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You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.
Psalms 128:2


If you’re going to do something for a living, make it something you love. We took what we love doing and created The Locals. We build brands and bridges by collaborating with small and large teams to offer quality work with a local touch. We work with those who have the same love of their work as we do and hope to inspire anyone watching. We’ve worked with groups next door and those across the pond too. In this day and age, we’re all just around the corner or down the street.


Through the years the duo have partnered together to work on local, national and international brands and campaigns. After years of gaining experience under local leaders like Craig Van Amburgh and Jacqui Gore, the two made the decision to venture out and build their own futures. And thus, The Locals Design Co. was born. Due to a demand of talent in the area, most ad agencies and large businesses are forced to ship creative work out to larger cities. The Locals plan to build up those same companies while also expanding and developing the place they’ve always called home. The Permian Basin. 

In a world where you can go with anyone, go local.




All THings WEB

When we say all things, we mean it. Web design, web development, web hosting, SEO, & database management.


Brand Design & Illustration

We take ideas and create mind-blowing visuals for our clients. We love crafting beautiful, smart, and inspired work that is focused on a business’s goals and its customers.


FILM & Photography

Whether it’s still or video, tv or social, we love telling stories visually and creatively.


Project & Brand Consulting

There’s nothing better than creating a brand from the ground up or building up an already established one. Refining and pushing the limits is what we strive for.


We create custom motion graphics designed to enhance your website, social media, videos, and ads.