Curbside Bistro

Local Legend Chef Alejandro was preparing to open the second location of his popular restaurant, Curbside Bistro. Before opening his doors, he wanted to include a GIANT mural that represented his roots and heritage.   “It’s hip hop. It’s Houston swag. It’s Houston slang. The music. The culture. And I knew the Locals we be […]

Texas Burger

Texas Burger and CVA Advertising reached out to work on HUGE on a HUGE project: producing a campaign of three animated commercials. This endeavor involved the creation of a new cartoon character and his animated world, as well as capturing video and photography of the mouth-watering food and editing it all together. The end result […]

Rosa’s Cafe

We had the privilege of partnering with Rosa’s Cafe to create a captivating 30-second commercial promoting their holiday tamale sale. Our team took the lead in every aspect of the project, from scriptwriting to lighting, capturing the perfect shots, and meticulously editing the video. We are immensely grateful to Rosa’s Cafe for entrusting us with […]


We had the pleasure of collaborating with Sewell on a commercial project that aimed to capture the essence of football and the cherished bond between a father and son. Our goal was to create a memorable and emotional storytelling experience that resonated with the audience. Through carefully crafted imagery of a father and son making […]

Medical Center Health System

Medical Center Health System Branding, Logo Design, Photography, Product Design, Video Commercials, Social Media Design, Website Design

Medical Center Health System (MCHS), is one of our longest-lasting relationships with an organization we’ve had. From developing the brand in-house at MCHS, to working in conjunction through CVA Marketing, and now as The Locals, we’ve produced work for MCHS for nearly 10 years! It’s an honor to partner with one of the top healthcare […]

Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings is a leader in the business of fitness equipment and digital workouts. In 2020, during the COVID shutdown, Kettlebell Kings found themselves selling and shipping so much equipment to people working out at home, they were literally running out of inventory. Rather than patting themselves on the back and waiting for manufacturers to restock […]


When the opportunity presented itself, we were pumped to work with a brand like Ybell; an internationally renowned brand that was booming during the COVID pandemic. With a product that was taking the world by storm, and a team ready to provide any info or imagery needed, designing a website for these guys was a blast.


UNION is a contemporary/christian worship band that was not only looking to create a logo, but also a branding and album cover. Looking at the word UNION, it was an easy choice to create a wordmark that had ambigram vibes. The album cover and illustration were based on the painting The Creation of Adam.

Harvest Oil Services

Harvest Oil Services approached us as a larger company looking to start a new business. Aware of the negative connotations that come along when thinking of oil drilling, the word harvest is what they wanted to build the brand around. The icon we created directly targeted that idea. We loved the branding so much we […]

Callaway Junior

We were approached to design the Callaway Junior website. They wanted to have an eye candy home page with an easy-to-navigate design. The site also needed to include an account sign-up section for the Callaway Junior rental program.