Unleashing Hip-Hop and Norteno Vibes

As kids, this is the kind of stuff we dreamt about. We are so proud to have our work featured in a recent news story about public art in Odessa. Making art that is accessible to everyone is vital to our community. And vital to all children who dream about becoming artists themselves one day.

Randy Ham from Odessa Arts reached out to us with an amazing opportunity to participate in the first ever Mural Fest in Odessa. He specifically requested that we create a mural on a traffic box with a music theme. I’m super excited because I absolutely love HipHop, so I’m going to design a boom box incorporating all four elements of HipHop. Humberto, on the other hand, wants to pay homage to our local culture and has decided to design a Norteno Band and their instruments.


It’s not just about designing traffic boxes; we had a bigger visions in mind. Our goal was to inspire kids, teenagers, and artists of all ages to unleash their inner Picasso or Frida Kahlo. These two dope art installations acted as a visual pep talk, whispering to budding artists, “You’ve got talent, kid! Don’t be afraid to share it with the world!” The Locals Design Co infused the streets with an artistic spark, reminding everyone that their creative talents deserve to be celebrated and shared.


See our traffic box HERE and other works of art.


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