Curbside Bistro

Local Legend Chef Alejandro was preparing to open the second location of his popular restaurant, Curbside Bistro. Before opening his doors, he wanted to include a GIANT mural that represented his roots and heritage.   “It’s hip hop. It’s Houston swag. It’s Houston slang. The music. The culture. And I knew the Locals we be […]

Texas Burger

Texas Burger and CVA Advertising reached out to work on HUGE on a HUGE project: producing a campaign of three animated commercials. This endeavor involved the creation of a new cartoon character and his animated world, as well as capturing video and photography of the mouth-watering food and editing it all together. The end result […]

Beacon West

We had the privilege of designing Odessa Arts new magazine Beacon West. We created a template that will help the editor maintain a consistent look. The concept is “opening doors” for creativity. Don’t live in a black-and-white world, be adventurous and colorful. The piece was inspired by 90’s colorful binder art. In addition, we were […]

Traffic Box Project

The idea behind these designs comes from being an Odessan, we believe this can be translated to veterans of Odessa and newcomers. We are a STRONG city full of PRIDE, HISTORY, and TRADITION. We took those four keywords and photographed four icons of Odessa, and added a unique design to them with the words that […]